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Cancellation policy

To ensure that all our clients enjoy a peaceful and relaxing experience at Spa Lashes, we regret to inform you that children under the age of 12 are not allowed in our treatment areas and can’t be left unattended in the reception area.

Cancellation Policy: We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Cancellations within this time frame can be rescheduled without charge. Because we are a small spa, and each appointment slot impacts our business, cancellations (without being rescheduled) will be charged 50% of the original appointment fee. No-shows will be charged at a rate of 100% of the service.

Late Arrivals: Because we are a small, but very busy spa tardiness has an impact on our overall appointments. We ask you to kindly plan accordingly. While we realize there are events beyond our control, but in order to be fair to all of our clients, we reserve the right to shorten your session, ending your appointment at the scheduled time if we have a pending appointment. If we aren’t confident that your service can be completed within the allotted time, we may ask that you reschedule.

It is understood that under no circumstances shall the service provider be liable for special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages for personal injury or interruption of any kind, or any other problem arising from this service. All risks of possible allergic sensations or reactions of the semi-permanent eyelash extensions should be assumed by the client. I agree that I have to disclose any allergies to glue, latex, surgical tapes, etc. I understand that some risks of this procedure may be but not limited to eye redness and irritation and the fumes from adhesive may cause my eyes to tear up. I give permission to Spa Lashes technicians to show photos before and after to other potential clients YES___ or NO___ I agree that I read and fully understood this entire consent form. I have been informed of potentially harmful or negative side effects that may be caused by the application and/or removal of eyelash extensions. I represent that I am over the age of 18 years. If below 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must also sign this form.

I read and understood the refilling intervals: up to 7 calendar days it is considered touch-up; between 7 and 14 days it is considered 2 week refill; between 14 and 21 days it is considered 3 week refill; between 21 and 28 days it is considered 4 week refill and over 28 days it is considered a new set. For ALL Express Sets there is a maximum 21-day interval for refill. In order to get a refill, you will need to have at least 30% of your eyelash extensions.  NO refills from outside on ANY Express Sets. You must have any FULL Express Sets from Spa Lashes in order to qualify for an Express Touch-Up.